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  1. York South Region is not represented well because there are no opposition. The PC candidate has not come out to play based on what I have read. His social media is dated as noted and does not match or there are two Andrew Ffrench’s. So yes they are off to a slow start. No point in voting. The PC’s do not do well in the GTA because they do note care about the gta. So let the liberal party rule!

  2. Hi Adam,

    I would like to talk to you about the Weston Farmers Market. Do you think its right that the farmers inside the market are not selling LOCAL produce nor are local themselves? Buying produce for more money than the local supermarket when they both come from the ONTARIO FOOD TERMINAL? Do you believe that isn’t a topic for the Weston Web? Farmers markets are designed for FARMERS & LOCAL ARTISANS to display and sell their produce to local customers keeping business here in Ontario not purchasing produce from the states or Mexico. The Weston farmers market is the longest running farmers market in ONTARIO. Almost 40 years strong, almost as long since the leafs held a cup. Now thats a long time. Dont you feel like there should be some change? Help local business, local farmers and local artisans sell in their community. Instead of having vendors who resell produce have farmers who are family run and farm to support their families. Or local restaurants and bakeries who are in the area of weston have a chance to sell their products in the market. People go to the markets expecting local fresh produce but dont know they are buying fake produce from the Food terminal.

    If you do not believe me please refer to the CBC marketplace video. As they have started the affect that needs to take place market wide. This is hurting weston if anything. Please the market needs your help.

    1. Hey Annon,

      Such a silly rant. I get that as most people would love to see more farmers at a farmers market but the ” farmers” who are in the market have been their for 30+ years. They are basically ” grandfathered ” in and allow to do as they please. Joe and his daughter do grow the flowers and a lot of their produce although the corn does come from a friend. I was at the market earlier and noticed a new farmer, who claims to grow whats on his table and the kettle corn vendor makes great corn too.

      I did notice a new baker that I have not seen before a man selling shortbread and another man selling scones and pies. The shortbread vendor has really good cookies and at a very affordable price per box. The scone and pie vendor does seem to be fairy expensive, $3.75 for a cannoli seems a bit steep… We use to have a vendor who was filling fresh cannoli for $2.00 with plenty of options but he doesn’t seem to still be selling them. Although he is still at the market he sells pies and other baked goods farm to table which is really nice to see. Vendors who support each other, buys produce from inside the market and turns them into freshly baked goods. I buy a strawberry / rhubarb pie every week and my family loves it.

      We do have a good share of farmers who work on the farms everyday, I also buy fresh eggs from the farmer which is really nice, reminds me of living back home and having freshly laid eggs in the morning. Or the apple vendor really grows all those apples and pears… Another vendor who ive visited his farm on the off season. We are missing a reliable honey vendor or it would be nice to bring back the olive oil company or the jam guys who use to be at weston regularly.

      At the end of the day, the weston market has been running good for almost 40 years and has a good steady crowd from 7 am to noon, even at 7am there are people walking through the market which is really nice to see. Its how i start my weekend, a back bacon sandwich, a coffee from the perfect blend and a pie from the bakery beside the coffee house at the market. Its amazing to have all this so close to home.
      I really think the market needs more advertisement. To attract the families who are new to the area and dont know about this hidden gem weston has. The market needs more diversity more vendors with other unique products & hire a young adult to do the fancy tech advertisement. Instagram, facebook and twitter are all great outlets. I cant get my kids off these things but hey its 2018 things have changed since the 60’s thats for sure.

      We should work together mr annon! Not hate on how the market is running, instead of bashing vendors we should work on how to help these local artisans and vendors out. Attend the market and show your support.

      Dont you agree adam & roy?

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  4. I would like to know how long the walking track is at Swanek Park. My husband thinks it’s less than a kl but I think it’s a kl and a bit. I usually do a round of 10 and I would like to think I am at least doing a 10 kl walk. Thanks.

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  6. What happened to the farmers? It became a crafts market, with only 1 stand of vegetables. This use to be my to go veggie shopping every Saturday morning. Disappointed

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